How to do Mermaid And Poseidon Halloween Costume Hair and Makeup

Happy Halloween everyone!

I know this is a few days late but I really wanted to include some pictures of my costume on actual halloween! Normally I don't get very into Halloween but this year I had a good costume idea and had all the tools to make it pretty easily. Of course, my excitement rubbed off on my husband and he started coming up with all sorts of matching costume ideas that he wanted me to make for him! I decided to be a mermaid. My husband, after hearing my idea for a costume, insisted he wanted to be Peter Pan. No idea how that was the first thing that popped in his head but I get the reference. (If you don't go watch peter pan again.) The catch with this costume was in included glitter throwing. At anyone and everyone. If anyone has ever tried to vacuum up glitter you know why I vetoed the idea since the halloween party was at OUR house this year.  Pirate, Captain Morgan and King Triton were all options before he settled on Poseidon!!

For my Mermaid hair, I needed to make my own hair a little longer. I already own purple extensions for the top half of my head so I needed aqua ones for the bottom half. 

Step One: Start with blonde extensions. I colored mine with a mixture of Privana's green and pastel blue. Washed. Dried. Sew some clips on the top (sometimes easier to do this before coloring, or buy hair with clips already attached). Next Hot Glue some sea shells to bobby pins, making sure not to glue the bobby pins closed.

Step Two: Tease your hair at the root, Clip in extensions and Curl. Note- Its much easier to curl hair after its clipped in!!

Step Three: Pin back pieces you don't want showing or to help blend the extensions. Finish with the sea shell pins you made earlier.

Tada! Hair Complete!

Now for my makeup, I bought some blue eye shadow, liquid latex and white sea shells. I already had some fishnets, glitter lip gloss and my airbrush makeup in purple and blue.

Step One: Start with no makeup. Paint a thin layer of latex wherever you want shells. Stick shells to face. Using a blow dryer on the cool setting to dry latex. (Latex goes on white but turns clear when dry.)

Step Two: First apply your normal face makeup (Foundation, powder, and blush), working close to the shells but not on top of them. Next I applied my eyeliner. I used black but you could use a colorful one as well.

Step three: Using my hand to cover anywhere I did not want color. I airbrushed over the shells and parts of my face with purple and blue. I placed the fishnet on parts of my face, neck and arms and then airbrushed over it to create a scaly look.

Step Three: Eye makeup. (I forgot to take pictures the day of so I redid the process for you) Start by lining the inner eye with a white pencil. Then a white eye shadow over top and across your entire lid. Using a turquoise blue, blend from outer eye in (depending on the shape of your eye, depends on how far you bring the color in). With a darker blue, blend in your liner. For a darker eye bring dark blue in further, for a brighter eye use less dark blue. Finish with mascara and/or fake eyelashes.

Step three: Lips. You could get a lot more creative than me. I just picked a sparkly clear gloss.

Makeup Complete.


The best part of my Husbands costume was his muscles. He has a fair amount of muscle already but Poseidon is ripped and above average so we enhance his physique with a little airbrushing.

Step One: Start with clean skin. Apply a primer over entire surface. Using a dark shade (I would recommend the darkest natural skin tone) draw an outline of the muscles. The dark is going to be the shadows. If your model has muscles have them flex, if not pull up a picture of a muscular person to go off of. Don't be afraid to go a little darker than normal. Just remember harsh lines don't cover well, so keep the edges blended.

Step Two: Using a tone lighter that the persons natural skin tone (like a porcelain or pale tone) highlight the tops of the muscles. This is going to make each muscle look like its sticking out farther. Where as the dark color creates the look of sinking in deeper. Yes I know it looks super fake at this point, it's ok!

Step Three: Using a tone that matches their skin cover the entire body. Pay attention to the dark parts, blend to look natural. I designed my husband's full upper half (front and back) to create a more realistic and consistent look (You don't have to). Next , set your masterpiece. I used the Urban Decay oil free setting spray all over.  Don't get to close to the body or you will have water droplet marks. Optional: add more shells wherever desired. 

 Voila! Sexy Poseidon!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! I know we did! Here's some of the creative costumes that made an appearance at our party! Our friends dressed up as us, Can you figure out who?