Braids Obsession

Are you getting excited for the Holidays? I know I am. I feel like some years I'm super excited and some years it's just well.... not as exciting. This year is one of those exciting years! I'm guessing it's because it's our first Christmas as a married couple this year and my beautiful sister and niece are coming into town. YAY!!!! 

So what started as a quick Braided style for work has turned into a full blown BRAID OBSESSION and I have my little sister Allie to thank for it! After work, I went over to my mom's house to decorate the Christmas tree and everyone loved my hair. Allie of course, wanted me to do her hair that same way. With all the excitement of braiding Allie's hair, my husband decided he needed his hair braided too!!!

Now just one day of braids does not an obsession make. A few days later my older sister suggested I learn how to do the fancy woven braid so Allie excitedly let me practice on her head!

Seeing as I got to practice on Allie's head, she insisted on practicing on my head. She's very good at a normal braid but she is still getting the hang of the french braid. I don't blame her, it's hard to hold all those pieces.  She is getting pretty good at it though! Can you tell I have a tender head?

The best part came this last weekend when Allie had her birthday party. Before opening gifts or eating cake, Allie asked me to braid her hair and all five of her friends at the party. I spent the evening braiding all six girls hair! They looked pretty dang cute and I'm pretty sure I made a name for myself as Allie's big sister who can braid! Sadly I can't find the picture of the little girls :( 

Happy Holiday's!!!