5 Easy Ways to get Healthy Hair in 2015


I hope everyone's new years was fun and safe! How many people made new years resolutions? How many people have already broken their resolutions? :) I have made a few goals for the year and one of them is to get my hair healthy again.

With all the bleaching, coloring, blow drying, flat ironing and curling I do to my hair, ITS FRIED!!! You would never know though because I have tons of tricks up my sleeve to hide my nasty split ends and chemical "layers". If there is one resolution that is easy to keep, its this one! Here are my 5 easy ways to get healthy hair in 2015!

1: Shampoo and Conditioner. So you all think I'm going to tell you, you have to buy professional products but I'm not!!!! You need the right product not the most expensive. Talking to a professional about what your hair needs is ideal but if its not possible, process of elimination is an option. Here are some guidelines for picking out your perfect shampoo and conditioner. You may have dry hair if you- blow dry, straighten, curl, wash your hair every day or live in a dessert states such as our wonderful Colorado. If you fall into this category look for shampoos and conditioners that say moisturizing, for dry hair, hydrating or for brittle hair. You may have damaged hair if you - Color, bleach, perm or chemically straighten. If you fall into this category you may need a product that say protein, for damaged hair, distressed hair or repairing. Of course there are many other options which are simpler to explain such a smoothing- for coarse, curly or frizzy hair (most likely this has more oils in it), volumizing- anyone who wants more volume and fullness (you have to be careful this could dry your hair out) and clarifying- if you have hard water, swim, or use heavy non-water soluble products (not an every day shampoo, try once a week and adjust as necessary). They key to this is deciding what you want to see in your hair and buying a product that compliments it. 

2: Get a Haircut. Getting a haircut once or even twice a year is not enough. If you have long hair try for every 2-3 months. You need your ends cut (even a 1/4" trim is better than nothing) to keep your hair looking healthy. I hate being the bearer of bad news but the TV commercials are wrong, You can't put split ends back together. You have to cut them off to get rid of them. If you need a recommendation for a stylist, message me!

3: Skip a day. This is for a few different things. First, if you wash you hair every day... STOP!! Your drying your hair out and fading you color. I know it's hard but try to skip washing your hair once a week (if you're brave enough try 2 or 3 times a week). If you stop washing you hair as often it will learn to not produce as much oil. Second, stop blow drying your hair after every wash. Try washing your hair at night and letting it air dry while you sleep. This will make your hair feel so much better. 

4: Go Natural. Embrace the hair God gave you! I know those curls can be unruly but there is product that can help. My hair has the awful wave that isn't straight or curly, It's just kinda... bleh. When your hair is wet or damp, braid it or twist it into a bun. It gives you a fun style the first day and the second, you have a fun wave or loose curls! Beautiful! 

5: Check your tools. If your not going to do any of the above and you just have to straighten you hair everyday (or if your my sister twice a day) at least get a good tool. Adjustable temperatures are ideal. Hot Tools are some of my favorite tools and they are completely affordable. If you have fine hair keep the temp around 300-325 degree's, if your have medium hair keep the temp around 350-400 degree's, and if you have stubborn hair (straightening coarse hair or curling bone straight hair) then use your highest setting 420-480 degrees. Please Don't burn your hair off!! Using a 480 degree straightener on your wavy hair is like lighting birthday candles with a blow torch. 

Lets have healthy hair in 2015!!!