EYEBROWS- They make all the difference

To start it off I have to tell you how much fun this post was to research and discuss with people! Who knew eyebrows were such a hot topic?

Its a good thing too! Have you seen the people with no eyebrows? Not good!

Even beautiful models making a fashion statement... you're drawn to the fact they have purposefully hidden her eyebrows.

Now, I know that most people were not blessed with the beautifully classic eyebrows of say

Brook Shields,


Audrey Hepburn,

Or even Frida Kahlo (well... you get where I'm going).

Thank goodness we have figured out how to shape and fill in eyebrows. Taking good eyebrows to amazing, envious eyebrows.

Here are some good verses amazing brows... (BTW its really hard to take a picture of your own eyebrows, so thank you to everyone who helped me!)

Before                                                                              After

Then there are people that surround me, like my sister Kelsey and best friend Jess, who have perfect eyebrows without filling them in. My sister is one of those people you stop on the street and compliment on how wonderful her eyebrows are! (Not joking, it happens)

Just cause it's entertaining as hell, here are some pictures of horrible eyebrows!

Just remember

Have a lovely eyebrow day!!!