My Hair Journey

So a lot of my clients ask me about all the different hair colors I have had over the years. So I go through the stories of the different things we have tried and the different outcomes, sometimes planned and sometimes not.  This last month or so I have switched colors and that always sparks a lot of interest. After talking to my client yesterday about it all, I decided I would put together a little storyline, with as many pictures as I can find, to document my hair journey! 

So surprisingly enough, I wasn't much for coloring my hair until hair school. Not to say I never did but it was box dye and it was always very close to my natural. Here is my senior picture with what is pretty close to my natural.

Then I went to hair school and lasted about a whole 2 months before I cut my hair short and colored it. I went with a dark red/mahogany color. Here is after the cut. 

Sadly I can't find a picture right after the first color but obviously it wasn't my last color. I slowly went darker,

shorter (Note my cute flip phone),

and ended with bangs

Towards the end of school, I added a splash of copper in my bangs.

LIttle did I know copper was just the tip of the ice berg. After a suggestion, I decided to turn it RED! One spot just wasnt enough. You can't see the 2 other spots but I did find a picture when we were retouching the spots.

After adding more red, then some blonde panels, I decided to go ALL red! It wasn't an easy process and it took a few tries to get it as bright as the fire engine red I desired.

Of course all over red is too simple! So we did a combination of red, pink, orange, yellow and brown in highlight fashion to create the illusion of all red but with more dimension!

Since I get bored quickly, after a few months I thought I might want to go back brown so I did a Demi-permanent brown over the top of my red to try it out.

I liked being RED though! 

Sometimes it ended up a little more pink than red... but something different was never bad!

At the begining of the new year I took the giant leap and went purple. Same as the process to go red, it took a few tries but eventually it got there!

Everyone's favorite has definitely been the vibrant purple.

But after almost two years of the same color, a person tends to get bored. 

Once boredom is reached, drastic change is in the near future!

Which brings me to my brilliant idea to go platinum. 

We had to play with some lavendar in the process.

It took a while but finally we made it to platinum after about a 2 month process. Turns out, I wasn't ment to be blonde...

BUT BLUE... now there's a color worth trying.  After finding some inspiration I took the plunge to a smurfy looking blue! Talk about a shock. Rarely do I get such instant gratification when changing colors. 

But what do you think?????

So now I'm blue! This process is a very creative and inspiring one for me so even though I have found a color to stick with for a while, I still have a broad spectrum of blues to incorporate and who knows what could be next!

---- This story is endless ----