July 26th **Leslie Schall Wedding**

Wedding planning. It's like a full time job you have to pay to have. It take so much time and energy that once its complete, every bride feels like they could be a professional wedding planner. I love hearing about each brides plans and ideas and then the most rewarding part of my job is seeing the pictures and how fabulous everything turned out! Doing a bride's hair and makeup of course is my favorite part of the wedding! Leslie's wedding happens to be no different!

Leslie came to see me for her trial and had a beautiful idea for her hair. It was like nothing I have done before. For her makeup she wanted something elegant and natural!

She wanted a braid compliment her hairstyle but not to be the sole focus! It took a couple tries to find the braid that fit, but we did and it was perfect!  

The day of her wedding, we got ready in the beautiful house at YAYA farm & orchard. Her photographer, Lindsey, captured the getting ready process and everything after so flawlessly!!! I got to meet all 11 of her bridesmaids and her 2 adorable flower girls.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did!