July 26th **Leslie Schall Wedding**

Wedding planning. It's like a full time job you have to pay to have. It take so much time and energy that once its complete, every bride feels like they could be a professional wedding planner. I love hearing about each brides plans and ideas and then the most rewarding part of my job is seeing the pictures and how fabulous everything turned out! Doing a bride's hair and makeup of course is my favorite part of the wedding! Leslie's wedding happens to be no different!

Leslie came to see me for her trial and had a beautiful idea for her hair. It was like nothing I have done before. For her makeup she wanted something elegant and natural!

She wanted a braid compliment her hairstyle but not to be the sole focus! It took a couple tries to find the braid that fit, but we did and it was perfect!  

The day of her wedding, we got ready in the beautiful house at YAYA farm & orchard. Her photographer, Lindsey, captured the getting ready process and everything after so flawlessly!!! I got to meet all 11 of her bridesmaids and her 2 adorable flower girls.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did! 

Sept 6th 2015 *Hannah McBride Wedding*

Wedding season is here!!! In the midst of the busy season of wedding planning, I got to meet Hannah for her wedding trial run at my salon, C&S Workshop. We had a ton of fun playing with different styles and different ways to accomplish the look she had in mind.  

On the day of her wedding, I met them at the hotel they were staying at to do Hannah's hair and makeup. We set up a perfect spot so she could stare out the window at an awesome view of the mountains while I styled her hair. All her bridesmaids were there getting ready as well and small world that it is, turns out a few of the girls knew my siblings and went to the same high school as I did. 

After her hair was done, we did her makeup! One of my favorite things about airbrush is the reaction I get every time someone sees it done. It's so neat to watch because it is literally like airbrushing on a computer. You can watch it smooth and blend out all imperfections for a flawless result. Who wouldn't want to watch that, OR have it done??? We decided the day of to change her eye makeup slightly and do more dramatic eyelashes and less dramatic eyeshadow. Since I always carry a couple different options for eyelashes this was a quick and easy fix. Perfection!

After all this, my job is done and I give the girls hugs and on my way out get to meet the photographer Sonja! We connect so that I am able to share these amazing photos with you today!  

Photographer by Sonja K Photography